Technical Specification

Yohi Aqua Tech is a main reverse osmosis plant producers in Chennai.Reverse Osmosis framework utilizes semi-porous winding injury layer to separate and expel broke up solids, organics, pyrogens, submicron colloidal issue and microorganisms from water. Feed water is conveyed under high weight through permeators, where water penetrates during that time pores of the film and is conveyed as filtered item water.

Reverse Omosis ,we have accumulated unmatched notoriety for the most noteworthy quality water filtration frameworks conveyance. Our RO frameworks are specially designed to treat a wide range of water issues. They can without much of a stretch be introduced for different private, business and modern applications.

We configuration, assembling and supply RO framework, which is broadly utilized for expelling break up solids from the crude water. Our scope of turn around assimilation framework and invert assimilation hardware is fabricated utilizing the layer innovation. We fabricate RO framework with creative, quality, and standard parts, and practice structuring and providing our RO framework dependent on explicit application.

• Produce amazing water
• RO frameworks expel contaminations from water
• Simple to support and minimal effort of establishments.